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Leaving the windows of home, office or simply the car in perfect condition is a task that can be much more complicated than it seems. For this reason, the glass cleaner market has not stopped growing in recent years, giving new solutions capable of making life more comfortable for everyone. Small robots that take care of everything, high efficiency products and even vacuum cleaners designed for this specific task are stars of a sector that makes crystals everywhere look impeccable.

How to use a window cleaner?

The answer to this question really depends on the type of glass cleaner you choose. The simplest ones are presented as a simple strip of silicone that will be used to remove the remains of the specialized product used to brighten the crystals. Apart from this simple and effective model, there are other more complex models that should be used with more attention. For example, robotic systems have to be placed in one of the corners of the window so that its movement covers its entire surface. For its part, the magnetic ones should be placed in such a way that their magnets allow to clean both the exterior and the inside of the glass or windows with ease.

How to choose window cleaners?

- Opt for those window cleaners that have synthetic materials of great softness in the area that will be in contact with the glass to avoid damage to them.

- Always accompany your glass cleaner with a good product that has a proven solvency.

- If you are going to clean crystals of considerable height, bet for models that have extensible or long handles to ensure comfort and effectiveness.
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