Windscreen Wiper Replacement Blades

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How do the wiper blades work?

The operation is simple and is made possible by virtue of three elements: the rigid arm, driven by a motor, and the frame on which the rubber pad is mounted which, by sliding on the glass, removes water and debris. Frame and grommet form the brush. There are flat and jointless brushes, called flat blades, which, thanks to two internal thin metal plates, exert a uniform pressure on the windshield and prove to be more efficient.

How to choose a wiper blade?

- The right size. Before buying them, it is always a good idea to measure the brushes currently in use to check their actual compatibility with the make and model of car

- The quality. Poor quality brushes last a short time and are deformed, the wiper can break off and cause damage to the windshield

- Presence of clear instructions. Correct installation of the brushes is essential for road safety
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