Wine Cabinets

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The furniture for storing wine bottles is not only useful for having beverages always at hand, but, with the evolution in design, they have also become real furnishing elements for the home. They can be found in every style, from the rustic, in painted or natural wood, to the most modern in plastic or metal.

How to store wine bottles?

The appropriate furniture ensures the correct inclination (about 5 degrees) to ensure that the natural residues flow towards the bottom. But this is not the only foresight to perfectly preserve the wine: in fact it is important to also consider the parameters of temperature, light and humidity. The environment should have a temperature between 10 and 14 degrees, not be too exposed to light and maintain humidity between 70 and 80%. The ideal is therefore to put the bottles in a room that respects these conditions, with a precaution for the wine aged for a long time: before serving it, keep it in a vertical position for at least one day to allow the sediment to descend into the lower part of the bottle.

How to choose the furniture for the bottles?

- Consider the style of the rest of the furniture in the room in which it will be placed - If there is a need to optimize the spaces, for example in a kitchen of limited dimensions, consider purchasing a pull-out recessed trolley - Based on your own needs and the space available, consider the quantity of bottles that the furniture can contain- Triangular metal structures can be the optimal solution for placing bottles in the basement
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