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Essential to keep your wine collection in order, the bottle holder is also a design object and a piece of furniture to be chosen with care. You will find all types, materials and sizes, although the most popular are those that recall traditional cellars, made of wood and maybe barrel or carboy, ironic and original.

Bottle holder: wall or floor?

Depending on the space you have in the kitchen or in the living room, you can choose a classic wooden or other floor standing bottle rack, or a more original wall bottle holder, which could help fill a somewhat bare space by taking the place of a framework. Which of the two to choose? It depends on your needs and the layout of your furniture. Those on the wall are generally more robust, typically in stainless steel, while those from the ground often contain a greater number of bottles.

How to choose the bottle holder?

- Focus on models that are consistent with the design of your home.

- Choose a bottle holder that can contain the number of wines you actually want to keep, so as not to have to look for alternative accommodation to bottles that have not found a place.

- It focuses on a quality product, able to last over time and support the weight for which it was made.
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