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How to replace the wiper motor

The windscreen wipers are powered by a small electric motor that allows the brushes to oscillate on the windscreen, the motor is connected to the electrical system of the machine and is fixed by means of a linkage that also acts as a support to the arms.

Windshield wipers are now always supplied on cars, but if replacement is necessary, complete sets of arms, linkages, brushes and electric motors can be purchased; alternatively the pieces can be found individually. Electric scooters are available for each make and type of vehicle: windscreen wiper motors to be installed on the front windscreen and also rear wiper motors. Scooters for wipers are also on the market, or small windscreen wipers that are installed on the car's headlights to ensure better visibility and street lighting.

Replacing the electric windscreen wiper motors is not an impossible operation for those who have a little experience with DIY car maintenance. Furthermore, in case of breakage or damage to mechanical parts such as linkages and supports there are repair kits for windshield wipers with replacement joints and rods.