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One of the best desktop consoles that we can find in the market is, without a doubt, the Xbox One. It belongs to the eighth generation consoles and is produced by Microsoft, being the successor of the Xbox 360, of the same brand . In the Xbox One can be detected considerable improvements, both in hardware and software, compared to its predecessor.

Why buy an Xbox One?

This game console has a built-in GPU with AMD technology that is 10 times more powerful and effective than the Xbox 360. It also has an 8-core x86 processor similar to a PC. Thanks to these advances, you can get much more realistic graphics in almost all games, depending on the study in which they are developed.

The control of this console follows the line of the Xbox 360 with the joysticks, buttons and triggers located in a similar way, however, also presents some new features, such as a system of independent vibration in the triggers or 17% more battery. In addition, the latest version of the remote has a Bluetooth system, offering the possibility of connecting to a PC.

Also, the Xbox One offers new improvements in terms of connectivity. First, it allows access to the Microsoft cloud, as well as movies, music, television, a web browser and even Skype. To use the Xbox One, a connection to the network is required.

Depending on the options of accessories contained in the Xbox One, its price will be more or less high, being one of the most competent video game consoles.

What accessories can I find for my console?

There is a wide variety of accessories that we can connect to our console to enjoy a more fun and fun use:

• Kinect: One of the most useful accessories we can find for our Xbox One. It is a sensor to control your console and television by voice and movement. It also serves for a multitude of games in which visual and voice recognition is needed.

• Xbox Live: It is a platform that offers Microsoft's online multiplayer videogame service. It consists of a free Silver version and a Gold version with paid subscription. All content is paid separately. The main functions of this platform are: a live voice chat, data storage in the cloud, the possibility of acquiring complete games and free demonstrations and the use of external applications such as Youtube, Netflix or Crackle.

• Headphones: We can find high-end headphones to enjoy our games in full. In addition, almost all headphones specific to Xbox and games, have a microphone to participate in live chats and control the console thanks to voice recognition.

• Controls: At present it is possible to choose between a wired or wireless control. The wired remote is the most traditional and connects directly to your console running on all Microsoft gaming platforms. The wireless controller offers the customization of buttons and a greater wireless distance compared to other video consoles. In addition, thanks to its charging kit, you can recharge the battery while you play.

In short, the Xbox One stands out among the rest of the video consoles for all the novelties it offers and its quality guarantee. It has more than 100 exclusive games available and more than 300 games of the Xbox360 compatible, offering one of the largest varieties in the market.