Games Workshop space marine predator

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Brand: Games Workshop


  • 94-piece kit
  • main battle tank of the Space Marines
  • Based upon the Rhino chassis

Publisher: games workshop

Details: The Predator is the main battle tank of the Space Marines. Based upon the Rhino chassis, the Predator sacrifices transport capacity for improved frontal armour and heavy turret-mounted armament. The result is a well-armed and mobile tank, equally capable of holding ground or spearheading armoured assaults into the most heavily defended of enemy territory. This box set contains one multi-part plastic Space Marine Predator tank. This 94-piece kit includes components to make all of the weapon options available in Codex: Space Marines, including: a twin-linked lascannon, a pair of lascannon sponsons, an autocannon, a pair of heavy bolter sponsons, a storm bolter and a hunter-killer missile.

Suitable for ages 12 years +

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EAN: 0792491249630

Package Dimensions: 12.1 x 9.0 x 2.4 inches