MoYu WeiLong GTS 2M Magnetic Magic Speed Cube with one cube bag and one cube stand (Black)

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Brand: MoYu

Color: Black

Edition: Black


  • ** MoYu WeiLong GTS2M cube. Better than GTS and GTS 2, so if you like GTS or GTS 2, you will do like this new 2M 3Layer magic cube! Good for speed gamers and the new players.
  • ** Good size:55.5mmx55.5mmx55.5mm, high quality and very thin stickers, makes the cube smooth and fast.
  • ** GTS 2M cubes using the original structure of the GTS 2, and modifed the M of the cubes. Spread the magnetic force evenly across the cube, ensuring that each cube has a good hand feel. The process of manually sticking the M will also pay more attention to the adhesive strength of the glue, and will also maintain the proper glue to prevent the excess glue from overflowing and causing the parts to stick.
  • ** The color box of the product is beautiful and generous. The internal space is very large, so as to prevent the cube from being squeezed and deformed during transportation.
  • **Methord:Mix it up and solve it when each side matches.For kids, magic cubes can develop the brain and mind, hands-ability. For adult, magic cube can realease the press in life and work.

Publisher: MoYu

Details: ** Very well made, Material: ABS plastic and PVC stickers, sturdy can keep long time play. No burr, no harm to people.
Size: 5.55*5.55*5.55cm
Suitable for children of 6 years and above.

***** Package includes: 1x magic cube.

**EXCELLENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE: We have tested all the products we sold, so you will get a new and good cube in no accident. But if there is any problem, please email us, we will soon reply and offer you the best solution.

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Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.1 x 2.7 inches